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 Tots 1 Room Goals    

Children Will:

•Develop trusting bonds with teachers and other children.

   •Begin to use a spoon.

   •Learn new words.

   •Begin to verbalize what they need, either with baby sign language, motions, or simple words. Ex- All done or more.

   •Respond to simple directions- Ex- Come here or get down.

   •Learn routines- Ex- Laying on their mats after lunch for nap times

•Learn how to share.





In the Tots 1 Room little legs wobble and bobble as children grow in their walking abilities. Children come into this room when they are one year old, independently walking and ready move up to our room. As they become more comfortable with walking, they can then begin to explore climbing and crawling on our climber built especially for little legs.


Classroom Activities

We explore painting, coloring and other art projects. We also give children rides in our buggy and explore outside materials. One of their favorite activities is to sing songs and dance. Our room provides a routine schedule that always includes washing/diapering, age appropriate learning activities, gross motor play and fun!   Routines help children to know what to expect and helps them know what to do next.