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 •Count from 1-10.

 •Recognize simple shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle)

 •Recognize basic colors- blue, red, yellow, green.

 •Recognize and correctly say first name.

 •Be independent in dressing and undressing themselves (shoes, clothes, jackets).

 •Successfully use the bathroom by themselves.

 •Use words to express themselves.

 •Learn skills such as: holding a pencil correctly and cutting with scissors correctly.

 •Cooperatively share and play with other children.

 •Recognize choices and consequences.

 •Begin to recognize some letters and know the first letter of their name.  

 •Actively engage in large and small group activities.





Circle Time

Daily circle time includes songs, classroom rules, calendar, weather, letter of the week and bible verse.


Weekly lesson plans include activities in the areas of Language and Literacy, Math, Science, Music, Art, Social Skills, Manipulatives and Fine and Gross Motor Skills.


Tuesdays, when elementary school is in session, we walk to the elementary school next door for music and story time. The kids get to hear a story as well as sing songs and listen to the piano.

Field Trips

When the weather is warm we go on walking field trips. Sometimes we may go to the park, around the block or down the street to watch a softball game.


We explore different art materials such as paint, chalk, markers, and crayons.