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Follow simple 3 step directions.   Print and recognize own first and last name.   

Recognize and name 10 colors and 8 shapes.  Count from 1-30 and recognize at least 1-20 .

Recognize most of the letters of the alphabet.

Raise hand to ask for assistance and before speaking in circle time.

Hold a pencil properly and follow trace lines.  Hold scissors properly and cut along simple lines.

Basic hand-eye coordination.  Exhibit good health habits.

Recognize the rights of others in an appropriate manner.

Behavior and social skills, standing in line, being patient, not interrupting, having proper table manners, saying “I’m sorry”.





     The Pre-K program is designed to encourage 4-5 year olds to be imaginative, energetic and inquisitive learners who explore our classroom with curiosity and purpose. We provide interesting lessons and plan thematic units in math, literacy, science, social studies, art, music, and physical fitness activities to prepare children for a smooth transition into kindergarten. Parent teacher conferences are held in Spring and Fall to discuss children’s academic and social progress.

    Students make independent choices in a child-centered learning environment. Opportunities for hands on learning are presented daily. Students engage in conversation with teachers and friends daily, learning to take turns, listen, follow directions, and share. We teach them that they can trust and have faith in God for everything in their life.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13





Classroom Activities

Learning Centers: Children can choose from dramatic play, books, art, puzzles, blocks, trucks and various manipulatives.

•Circle Time: Circle time is teacher directed and will involve the letter of the week, calendar, weather, songs, show and tell, as well as a weekly theme.

•Bible Stories: Bible lessons are teacher directed.  Children learn memory verses from the Bible, listen to bible stories and participate in other activities related to learning about God.

•Math: Children experience counting, number recognition, shape recognition, graphing and other math related activities.

•Language Arts: Teachers give children reading readiness activities such as story time, books and oral communication. Children learn to read and write their own name.  The classroom focuses on a letter of the week, then moves on to letter blends and then sight words if children display readiness.

•Science:  Children engage in teacher directed activities that foster their skills in using senses to gather information, making simple observations and predictions, recognize and explore cause and effect relationships, observe and explore nature

•Field Trips: Walking field trips may include walks around the block, park, or places close by. Parents will be notified in advance.

•Outdoor: Large motor activities, free play time and water play (weather permitting).

•Social Skills: Throughout the day teachers model, guide and teach self-help skills, independence, peer interaction, self-control, positive problem solving, health and safety habits and expressing and understanding feelings.