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Tots 2

In our room we strive to provide a comprehensive program that promotes spiritual, physical, emotional, creative and cognitive growth and development.  Our goals in the older toddler room are to help children separate and transition easily, fostering a sense of security by creating a warm, nurturing and inviting environment.  Emphasis is placed on social interaction, age appropriate activities and themes that are fun and stimulating.  The children learn to identify letters, numbers, colors and shapes

They develop their fine motor skills with crayons, paints, puzzles, blocks and various art activities.  Value is placed on a daily positive experience.  Our schedule is flexible while maintaining general classroom routines.


Classroom Activities

Art- Coloring, painting and making crafts.            Water play- During warm weather, we do water activities outside.  We splash and play.
Large motor activities outside and a climber inside for large motor activities.    Centers include reading, pretend play, blocks, cars and a cozy area to relax in.


Tots 2 GOALS

children will::

   •Drink out of a cup without spilling.

   •Listen to and follow simple directions.

   •Cooperate with friends and teachers.

   •Begin playing with friends during free play.

   •Demonstrate an expanding vocabulary.

   •Speak in at least 3-4 word sentences.

   •Respond to open-ended questions.

   •Begin to recognize shapes and colors.

   •Begin to identify classmates by name.

   •Begin to hold a marker, crayon, paintbrush correctly.

   •Begin to play with manipulatives (Ex- blocks and puzzles) correctly.

   •Begin to identify common animals and the sounds they make.

   •Begin to use manners such as please, thank you and excuse me when appropriate.

   •Begin to potty train, eventually wearing underwear by the time they transition into the preschool room.