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During the day infants will experience:

•Teachers talking to them and interacting during feeding, diaper changing, reading and playtime.

•Age appropriate toys that help stimulate sensory awareness as well as large and fine motor development.

• Rides in the buggy around the neighborhood and outside playtime as weather permits. This promotes visual stimulation as we see colors, shapes and textures.

• Learning to grasp and manipulate toys, vocalize sounds, recognize familiar objects and enjoy books.

• Music, songs and finger plays to introduce auditory stimulation.

•Introduction to art- we use cute little hands and feet to make cute little art projects.

•Teachers who enjoy loving and caring for them.


infant swingInfant Room

   Our infant room is a place to learn, grow, play and be loved. Special care is taken to provide a warm interactive environment for your infants. Our teachers work with each parent and infant to facilitate a smooth transition into our room. As part of this process, teachers fill out daily sheets. Here, they record what and how much your child ate, when and how long they slept, when their diapers were changed as well as what they did and how they did during the day, so you can know the specifics of your child’s day.

   Our goal is to develop a trusting relationship where we respond to each parent and child's individual needs. We build a bond with your infant that will help them feel safe, secure and loved. Your infant's health, happiness and well being are our primary responsibility.