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Curriculum is what is done throughout the day in the classroom.  It is the interactions between child and teacher as the children are playing and learning about the world around them.  Some of the important things children learn include sharing, making friends, using language to figure things out and solve problems, and listening and following directions.  Children also learn Bible stories and experience many activities.  *Please select the classroom links below for a more detailed description of the class curriculum.*



puppet 001Pre-K: 4 to 6 years olddownsized 1004121235

Getting ready to go into school is a big deal.  The most important aspect of school readiness is being ready socially and emotionally.  Your child will develop these skills as they interact with other children and their teachers.  Through reading, writing singing and daily interactions, we also help to develop academic skills. Lesson plans utilize Biblical principles as well as Preschool Standards.



presartPreschool: 2 1/2 years & potty trained to 4 years oldpreswr

It may not seem like a lot, but washing your hands and putting your coat on all by yourself is a pretty big deal when your a kid. It is a great time when children begin to learn how to do things on their own and develop skills of independence.  In the preschool room, children are supported as they build these self-help skills.  They will also start to learn to write and recognize letters.







Toddler Rooms

Tots 1: 1 year & walking to 2 years old

Tots 2: 2 to 2 1/2 or 3 & potty trained


Learning how to be a kid is a lot of work.  There's learning how to walk, how to eat, how to share and how to talk.  On top of that there's also learning how to use the toilet instead of a diaper.  Your child will be supported in developing these oh-so-important skills while they have fun playing with their friends and teachers. 





Infant Room: 6 weeks through 1 year old

It may not be easy to bring your infant into the care of someone else.  That's why we work hard to make this transition comfortable for both baby and parent.  We individualize our care for each child's specific needs in the best way we can.  Your baby will get play time, stories and songs from the teachers.